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ITIDMS 2023 conference solicits submissions describing original and previously unpublished research and all the full papers will undergo a rigorous blind peer-reviewing process. Specific topics of interest include but are not limited to:    


—  Computer modeling, neural network software, data processing and information systems;

—  Information systems foundations, system administration;

—  Computational intelligence and data mining;

— Development of mathematical and software for modeling non-linear, non-stationary and non-uniform processes;

—  Intelligent, digital and automated systems and technologies;

—  Predictive modeling;

—  Automation of technological and production processes;

—  Methods for modeling complex systems, applications in physics, chemistry, engineering, biology, medicine and industrial organization;

—  Cybernetics and organization of the production process;

—  Information and automated information processing systems;

—  Artificial intelligence and big data. Data storage and processing technologies. Blockchain technologies;

—  Intelligent and digital technologies and systems;

—  Informatics and computer technology. Theoretical foundations of computer science.

Any other area related to the subject of the ITIDMS